There are, as we all know, differences in the biochemical makeup between dogs and humans.  Dogs, for example, don’t sweat and dogs have a tougher digestive system – genetically they are scavengers that can survive on less nutrition  But there are important similarities.  Just one example is creatine.  Creatine is now one of the most popular substances used by all world class athletes  – including body builders and football players.

MEGA was born in the yard of Captain in Serbia on 10 July 2000. Her sire was Captain’s KOCHIZ and her dam was Captain’s MEGA, that was 50% of Captain’s CH. THOR R.O.M. breeding and 50% of Red Boy/Jeep blood through some of the best dogs we have had here. She was a very ugly puppy, she didn’t look as a bulldog should look.

Merengue was bred by Pit Island Kennels. Santander went  to live in the USA for a better life in 2000… Having been born into dogs, Santander’s father had dogs from Clouse and Ed Crenshaw. After going a lot of phony dogmen, he befriended Mr Gotias and started his yard of dogs in USA.

Airplane’s 1st and 2nd were against Carolina Knls. He stepped in when others failed to show up. Airplane came in at 43 lbs against one that weighted 51 lbs. Carolina stopped it at 22. They brought in another at 52 lbs shortly after but Airplane caused them to pick up in 25. The late Caveman reffed AIRPLANE’s firs two.

Ex Gr Ch King was my first Gamedog . I bought him in 1993 when he was 18 months old as a one time winner. I won with him 7 more times after that . Ch Kings pit weight was 27.5 versus Ch Sony who came in at 26 kg.  His last match CH King was too much over his natural pit weight he  weighed in at 29 kg and was 8 years of age. In this show Ch King proved to be deadgame.

Champion Bad Boy was bred by Browngravy and Paul Stormtrooper, the guy who took Big Boy into Gr Ch Haunch. Bad boy was bred down from Ch Coachise x Bruja, a Little Gator dog. Bad Boy was raised by Browngravy. It was later in life when a decision to campaign him was made at age of 7 years old.