Spice, his mother Carrie, who won twice in short order and had been open for 1 1/2 years without no takers. A week before her first she was rat-poisoned by a lunatic in the neighborhood who'd killed several other pets. Carrie was kept in a dark room for 24 hours and surprisingly survived. During her second keep she was bitten in the chest by a big bulldog. Her tissue was badly damaged, but it was decided to continue the keep. Although she won both on heart, it was decided that this was the last time to match a dog who's not in perfect health!

Carrie was bred to Giroux' Ch. Booger ROM for the first time in 1985.

Chance's first match was into Desert Rat's Hammerhead and it was at 39lbs. Hammerhead came in at 40, Chance at 39. Since Chance traveled to their place in Arizona, it was decided to go for the match and not collect the forfeit, a big mistake. chance showed no mouth and was dehydrated. Hammer sucked up on that ear for 1:37 until Chance weakend and was picked up.

Here is a little bit about a fine bulldog named "Destroyer". His registered name was "Yellow Buck" and was bred and raised by Jesse of Stone City Kennels. Yellow Buck was sired by Gr.Ch. Buck ROM out of Stone City Kennels' Awesome Baby ROM. Yellow Buck was dark brindle, with a red nose and he weighed about 53lbs. conditioned.

Champion Sheba was purchased at three years old, untouched. She is a product of a brother sister breeding between Hall's Little Carlos and Hall's Ms. Sugar Booger, both out of Hall's Ch. Carlos and Hall'sMiss Spring. Ch. Carlos was a Bullyson bred dog, while Ms. Spring was sired by Maloney's Ch. Bert out of Hall's Miss Boobs.

Champion Bucky McCoy was owned by R.L. Neblett and was a four time winner. Those who didn't know him assumed that he was one of those fierce dogs that you had to watch your P's and Q's around, but he wasn't that kind of dog at all unless he found it necessary.

Cholly Boy was a product of the Geist's Easy / O.Stevens' Old Charlie breeding. Cholly Boy was a well put together dog that seemed to favor Ozzie's old Homer stock.

Campained by Ozzie Stevens into some of the very best from the North. None of his matches were walk-overs as all of them went over the hour and a half mark. In his first match, he went into Captain America and his dog Herman.

Many experienced dogmen but few newcommers know about the great match bitch "Molly Bee". This article is intended to inform those fanciers who are not familiar and those who are in question of this great bitch. Molly Bee was a well know bitch in the Southeastern United States. Anyone who had a 44, 45, or 46 lb.

Dylan was one of the primary stud dogs of St. Benedict Kennels, he was a 2X winner at 43 lbs. He was bred by Barney Fife, his dam was a bitch named Cherub. Cherub was a product of breeding Devine's Ch. Bruce, who was sired by Davis' Gr. Ch. Boomerang out of Devine's Patty (Gr. Ch. Art's sister). to Brewer's Rosie (Gr. Ch.