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Roxy was bred by Lupe Ortez of the Original War Dog Kennels. Lupe had owned Butcher's Tiger Girl and bred her back to her father, Gaines Champion Turtle Buster. This litter produced War Dog's Turtle Girl and Lupe bred Turtle Girl to Gaines Fargo. Lupe made the breeding to produce two litters.

Assassin was one of a litter of six puppies born April 28, 1990 off Long's Werdo (ROM) and Wildside's Mean Jolene. This was a very high percentage litter as five out of six pups in this litter made it to the pit.

Assassin's schooling was done in the mountains of North Carolina and he showed ability, gameness and an excellent mouth. Wildside turned him over to Rick W. in the Eastern part of the state for his final schooling and his first match.

I never got a chance to see White Rock, but he was one of the dogs that made the Dibo name legandary.  He was just one of many of the bonecrushing dogs that Dibo sired.  But he was probably the best in terms of ability.  I had been in the military down south for nearly three years, and I formed many lasting friendships, most notably that of Bob Wallace.

The Dibo line descended from the inbred Lloyd's Pilot ( Pilot was bred at the "Red Lion Inn" in Birmingham, England and imported by Charles "Cockney Charlie" Lloyd, of Manhattan, New York City ) strain of Con Feeley of Chicago which was then selectively bred by Joe Corvino, also of Chicago and resulted in 2 key dogs, Corvino's Gimp ( Dibo's Great-Grandsire) and his litter brother Corvino's Shorty.

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Although I have often been referenced as the authority on Going Light Barney, I must confess that I never even saw Barney in holds. I found it quite fascinating, however that he was one of the most controversial dogs of which I ever knew. I think part of the reason for that fact was Barney's flamboyant owner, who is still alive as I write this.

Frank Fitzwater's Goldie it is said resulted from an accidental breeding on Howard Heinzl's yard in Tempe,Arizona. His sire was Heinzl's Colonel who was out of a Colby bloodline sire and a Lightner "Old Family" bitch and Colonel's dam Heinzl's Amber Annie was an inbred Lightner "Old Family" bitch.