Champion Bad Boy was bred by Browngravy and Paul Stormtrooper, the guy who took Big Boy into Gr Ch Haunch. Bad boy was bred down from Ch Coachise x Bruja, a Little Gator dog. Bad Boy was raised by Browngravy. It was later in life when a decision to campaign him was made at age of 7 years old. Because of some health problems (Bad Boy suffered from seizures), special care and training was needed so the famous Winchester Kennels were called on to campaign Bad Boy and we agreed. So after studying Bad Boy, me and Bill stayed up all night designing his keep. Because of his age, holistic foods were required.

Ch. Pearl was always a calm and quiet animal. Very docile, and extremely friendly toward people, especially children. C.A.K was the original owners of Pearl as a young dog. When C.A.K decided it was time to start her she just stood in the square wagging her tail until the other gyp bit her! V. Camp owner of Camp’s Ch. Luther and many other great dogs over the years.


Fats are a rich source of energy, providing more than twice as much energy per gram than protein and carbohydrate. In terms of nutrition, fats deliver essential fatty acids and provide the necessary environment for absorption of fat-soluble vitamins in the gut. Fats (and oils) from both animal and vegetable origins provide varied sources of essential fatty acids. Ingredients such as beef tallow and seed oils are regularly used in pet food to deliver these nutrients.

Ch. Bullet was bred and raised by BMW Leonel from Mexico. When Bullet was 9mos old he got loose and chased a cat with Leonel right behind him. Well the cat went one way and Bullet hit the brakes to slow down and ripped all four pads off and chipped his hanger. The next day Leonel went to see some rolls. One wouldnt start, so Leonel went home and came back with the young Bullet.


Proteins are made up of amino acids, in predefined chains that determine their roles within the body. Amino acids, which are produced by the breakdown of dietary proteins in the digestive tract, play a role in synthesis of proteins needed to build and repair organs and tissues, transport molecules, send messages from one organ to another (hormones) and help combat disease (antibodies).

Many breeders always try to breed better dogs than both parents, after all, if you don't try to improve with each generation, your dogs and your success will fall by the wayside. BLUE has quite a pedigree and to elaborate on it seems appropriate.

BLUE's father, Busdrivers' CH TY, was a good dog with average bite and good wrestling ability.

Pinscher's pit record is vague, and for that reason he has been a subject of some controversy. However, Colby always referred to him as one of his all-time great dogs, and others who were in the area during Pinscher's heyday confirm his greatness. He apparently was game and a killing punisher. Most of our dogs have him in their pedigrees if we trace them back far enough.

This dog was given to me at 10 months of age by my long time friend Gee-Man. Gee-Man called me up and said that he had a male that was destroying his house and had to move him and was wondering if I was interested. He told me this male was out of Lil Nardi, son of Lenny's Ch. Beast, and Diamond, daughter of Giroux' CH. Booger ROM. This was one of the last breedings Gee-Man ever made himself.

Mayday and his siblings were all impressive and well built but Mayday always stood out. He was BIG, CONFIRMED, and fearless, He walked out of the van as a puppy after the long drive, barked, and marked my kennel as HIS territory right when he hit the ground. He had a huge head, long ears and barked at the other dogs from the start. His head was always up high. He really thought he was the MAN.